Akashic Tarot Reading

Akashic Tarot Reading

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Receive a written Akashic Tarot Reading from Aleisha.

Aleisha will open and connect with your Akashic Records + intuitively pull Tarot cards that are energetically aligned for you at the present time.

This reading will offer more detail surrounding a particular question or situation in your life. 
It will support you with guidance and insight into the past, present, future 
OR into a current situation, problem & solution.
Opening your Akashic Records during a Tarot Reading will allow any extra guidance and/or messages to drop through and be delivered during the session to assist you and provide direction + support that aligns with your soul’s highest potential. 

These card readings can be done on a specific topic or left open.
Please contact via direct message on Instagram @lunaralchemy or via email with your preferance after booking.
Readings will be delivered within approx 5-10 days to your inbox.
(make sure you leave your email when booking + check junk mail folder) 

Please Note: Akashic Records can only be opened for people aged 18+ years and by booking this reading you agree that you are over 18 years of age + give permission for your Akashic Records to be opened.