Ancient Earth Lineages – Past Life Study

Ancient Earth Lineages – Past Life Study

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Melting the wisdom of the Akashic Records + Astrology together, I pin point your past lives encoded into your Natal Birth Chart and discuss how you can work with this energy not just in your spiritual practices but life in general!

I open up you Akashic Records during this reading to allow more information and confirmation to come through + any other information that they wish to support you with within this topic.

  • I will uncover connections to Ancient Civilisations + Past lives on Earth + also break down for you how these relationships might be impacting your current life experience and journey.

  • This reading may/may not include any residual karmic energy, hidden gifts or talents, ways to connect or clear blocks in your lineage, & more – I leave this open during the reading for what needs to come through to support you in these connections and relationships.

Note: This reading is different from my Full Length Akashic Readings as you will receive information on your Past Lives + Ancestry– any other life/spiritual information that comes through outside of this subject will be shared at my discretion. 

IMPORTANT: Please reply to your confirmation email after booking with the following details:

• Full date of birth (day/month/year)
• Place of birth (city)
• Time of birth (please use 24hr time so I know if you were born in the AM or PM)

- Without these details I am unable to complete the session.

- Once I have received these details I will let you know a rough ETA for completion.

This reading is recorded & emailed so that you will have the ability to reflect + integrate the information over time.

*Please check spam/junk folder as they always seem to end up here!*

By booking this reading, you give me permission to access your Akashic Records, Analyse your Natal Birth Chart, read your frequency & connect to your lineage.